Sales of electronic mobile devices is in constant increase, hardware is more and more demanding, processors faster and faster, screens with bigger and bigger resolution.... It means that the battery consumption is biger and biger, and the users are dependant on the standard way of charging, with socket and charger.

But, what if you are in constant movement? There is a solution – mobile chargers, better known as Power banks!

We would like to draw your attention to the totally new product – Power Card, item number 37.724.90. Power Bank in a gift box with 2500mAh capacity, contains micro USB connector for carging mobile devices.

The battery itself is charging with appropriate USB cabel, which is included with the item. On the battery itself there is separate holder for iPhone adapter (adapter is not included).

Both sides branding with digital printing on the whole surface of the item (9.6 x 6.1 cm), gives a lot of space for creative promotional messages through any form of picture or text. Because of it’s dimensions which is the size of the credit card, this practical gift is easy to put inside of your wallet!